Under-Mount Bathtub Installation Plano TX

undermount bathtub installation Plano TX

Do you remember the bathroom we’ve been working on recently? The one that had a leak in the shower pan, and so we were called in to find the leak and then remodel the shower and the floor?

Why We Had to Replace the Original Tub


Because of the leak, the homeowner also had to replace their tub. The shower leak completely rotted out the bathroom floor and it spread to underneath the tub as well. It created a big mess!


The homeowners had an old-school Jacuzzi in here. We took that out and framed in a new place for an under-mount tub. In this case, the windowsill next to the tub was a little higher than the area we framed in, so we shaved down the windowsill to the same height.


Once We Get the Height Right


Once that’s all level and smooth we are going to put a piece of stone all over the top part of the deck we’ve just framed in, leaving room for the faucets. Above the stone deck, we are going to tile the wall.


This is going to look fantastic! We will be finishing up in the next couple of days and we’ll post before and after pictures so that you can see the difference. Stay tuned! You’ll want to see this one!

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