Vessel Sink Installation For Higher Countertops

Vessel Sink Installation For Higher Countertops

We’ve been working on a job for a homeowner who had old-school 1980s bathrooms. She wanted to get them completely updated. She had 80s countertops with over-the-top sinks, and dated lighting and fixtures. 


Vessel Sinks


One interesting thing about this bathroom is that the cabinet is not a standard size. If you take a look at our YouTube channel you will see a video of this bathroom remodel, and you can see that when I stand next to the cabinet, the cabinet looks too short. The homeowner didn’t want to tear out the whole cabinet to install something taller. So what can you do, when your countertop and sink are so low that you have to bend over to brush your teeth, but you don’t want to tear out your entire cabinet?


Here’s what we did: we installed vessel sinks.


Vessel sinks sit on top of the countertop. This gives the illusion that the counter is at a standard height, and it raises the sink enough that, for a taller guy like me, it is not too low to use comfortably. 


We Also Changed Their Plumbing


We did not just stop at installing vessel sinks. The biggest thing we did to help our customer was to change all the plumbing that ran underneath the cabinet. We were able to access the plumbing well from underneath the cabinet and take care of all her plumbing needs, not only in this bathroom but in her second bathroom. 


We Saved Their Tile


We were even able to save all the tile in her shower in the second bathroom while giving her completely updated plumbing! Her Jack and Jill shower had a damaged overflow. We were able to go through the backside of the shower/tub by accessing the plumbing through her closet. That way we were able to put in all new plumbing while keeping the bathroom intact. 


New Countertops


We added new countertops, as well as a faucet that runs entirely through the wall. We topped this off with all new black hardware. This is such a great look! We also painted and installed new lighting. We are just waiting for the new mirror to come in to be finished. Please check out the video of this remodel on our YouTube channel or Facebook page. You will love how this looks!


Your Next Step


Stay tuned to our website and social media for pictures of the finished project!  And if you are dreaming of an updated bathroom, give us a call! 

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