What You Need to Do Before Your Remodeling Project

Many of our customers call to ask us what they need to do to prepare for painting or remodeling.  Here are the things we recommend you take care of before we get there, to make sure everything goes as smoothly, as quickly and as cleanly as possible:

1. Family room/great room/kitchen.

If we’re painting your family room, kitchen or great room, or any room you can see when you walk into the house, we recommend that you remove any pictures, figurines, anything fragile. We will take care of moving any big furniture like couches, TVs, entertainment centers, etc. We put sliders on these so that we will not damage your floors. We are experts at moving furniture so that nothing will be damaged.

2. Kitchen cabinets.

If we’re going to paint or stain your kitchen cabinets, we recommend that you remove everything from the cabinets. People always ask us if they have to empty out their cabinets—no one wants to do this because it’s a lot of work! We understand. But even so, we do recommend that you remove everything from your cabinets. This way we won’t risk getting paint or odors on your glassware, silverware, etc. Plus, sometimes we paint the inside of your cabinets as well. So get everything out, and once we’re done painting or staining your cabinets you can put everything back in within a couple of days, and everything will look like a million dollars!

3. Bathrooms.

What about bathroom remodels? If your closet is in the bathroom, we recommend that you get out as much clothing as you’ll need for the time of the remodeling, and put it in a different room. Get everything you think you might need for the next 2-3 weeks. That way we can seal and protect everything in the best way to ensure that you don’t get any dust from demolition. Demolition work gets pretty dusty, so we want to make sure we can zip up your closet, zip up your master bedroom and enclose that area so we can contain all that dust. That way when we’re done with the project and it’s time to clean up, the only area we only have to fully clean is the area where we’re working. Everything else has been covered and protected so you don’t have to worry! The less you have to go into those rooms like the closet or the master bedroom, the cleaner everything will stay.

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